A Cleverly Executed Social Media Campaign in Singapore

Within sunny Singapore, many companies failed to understand the profound impact the world wide web has on the lives of the masses. These firms fell back even farther as internet usage accelerated as a result of lower expenses and greater availability. In a way, these firms are crippled thus not able to expand their influence to keep any advantage they may currently hold. Conversely, certain businesses that decided to engage in digital marketing stood to receive superior results. Their customer base expanded, and comprised customers more willing to provide repeat business. Obviously, online marketing is a powerful and trusted business instrument. There are situations whereby businesses on a going downhill find a way to turn their situations around with a well thought out strategy executed by a digital agency. Yumist is the best example. Yumist was a vital player in the retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry; this market dominance enabled Yumist to be money-making. There was a Yumist store in virtually every community, and had little or no rivalry with exactly the same reach and scale. Yet, around the mid of 2012, Yumist was entrenched in trouble.

With the failure to achieve market dominance in the European and Asian marketplaces, Yumist decided to appoint a brand new CEO. Just like any change in top management, the new CEO gave Yumist a complete overhaul. The cost of placing these changes into motion negatively impacted Yumist’s financial standings. To add fuel to the fire, 2 competitions Knol and Famento entered the arena. These two companies realized that Yumist was not serving the whole market; underserved or neglected segments existed that could be readily used for gains. The wrestle for absolute control wasn’t restricted to just physical stores – minor players made the most out of digital media to raise the bar and vie for more market share. In the mean time, there was a noticeable evolution in consumer behaviour that resulted in customers embracing the relevance of price over brand loyalty. Yumist’s powerful track record was shaken – leading to chaos amongst their well-known investors. To put matters into perspective, Yumist’s gains dropped by 19% – a definite way of getting investors jumpy.

The recently appointed Chief Executive Officer highly advocated the use of technology so encouraged hiring staff to increase their web existence. Though Yumist’s online store back then was excellent, the evolving times demanded a completely new method of handling this online presence. The very first thing Yumist did was to incubate an internal digital marketing division; via this, Yumist desired to have a powerful core of tech internet marketers. This division would then effectively operate very much like a professional digital marketing agency.

A significant increase to their on-line traffic was required for Yumist to augment their e commerce abilities. While traditional advertising processes are still successful, it is no longer cost-effective when there are digital alternatives. Depending on a tried and tested instrument, Yumist’s marketing department chosen to use the highly profitable strategy known as marketing through branded content. Part of the content marketing strategy was developing an informative microsite which was linked to the Yumist e-commerce store. It was dedicated to promoting healthy living through balanced eating along with other wholesome approaches.

Its presence allowed Yumist to soft-sell itself by being educational and helpful to the customer. Needless to say, customers can head back to Yumist’s main website anytime, since there are numerous URL links to it. By utilizing a superb user journey during the creation of the website, Yumist managed to connect its merchandise with health friendly buying customs. When the design of a website is well executed, it makes it really convenient for customers to get to where they want, fast. Due to the fact that Yumist has made it so effortless for users to buy from it, it’s essentially idiot proof for even the most technology illiterate users.

The Execution of a Social Media Campaign

social media campaign

The prevalence of social media meant that Yumist would have to be there too or possibly get left out. So besides the use of content marketing, Yumist implemented social media marketing into the existing plan which comprised platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google which were handled by their in house team. Two valuable uses can be derived from opening their own accounts on these social platforms. First off, it’s an easily controlled stream of generic information and promotional material for their customers. Each individual department (e.g. frozen foods, bottled drinks) maintains its own profiles as well. Different accounts were created to disseminate info on special offers, different kinds of food, wines etc.

Second, it empowers them to carry on refining their online brand reputation. In this aspect, it’s too easy for one’s on-line brand image to be smeared by an irate customer or a competition – this is done by setting up a bogus account, generally driven by malicious purposes. With absolutely no power over what precisely is being circulated by these third parties, you can expect to have some majorly harmful consequences. However, an internal social media division would prevent such undesirable occurrences. Yumist will never have to deal with this problem as all official brand information will just come through on-line channels they command.

Customer care is the backbone of developing lasting connections with customers. The way that a customer views a business is greatly determined by how the latter leaves support to the former. Yumist’s is an excellent illustration of what to imitate. As an example, Yumist has multiple accounts, each designated to do a distinct task. This really helped to make sure customers have a suitable route to direct their feedback, while other customers can shop freely without being encumbered by immaterial messages. Essentially, personalized and direct answers to questions make customers feel genuinely looked after. This starts by nurturing a team that deals with customers on a personable level, answering their concerns and resolving problems in a warm and helpful way. A pleasant manner brings character to a brand and fosters a feel-good experience – resulting in prospective future sales.

The revamping of its digital marketing strategy proved to be exceptionally beneficial to Yumist. As of data collated by several statistics websites in June last year, Yumist holds around 48.5 percent of the share of the market. The closest competitor was lagging a long way behind, just managing to get hold of about half of that. This highly encouraging result will only further strengthen Yumist’s trust in a digital marketing strategy. Coupled with the development and launch of mobile apps, it makes it even easier for consumers to purchase and employ Yumist than what conventional means – such as website design and development – would ever hope to attain.

In Summary
There are lots of lessons in Yumist’s instance. To start with, the time that a company has been around and existing foothold isn’t a given in the digital age. Credits to progress in digital marketing and social media marketing, dynamic new ventures are exceptionally effective at seizing a vast amount of market share from sedentary sector titans. If an industry giant like Yumist was so easily crippled by the absence of an online presence, envision the consequences for a smaller business. Digital media is no longer a good-to-have; if you want to stay relevant in this time, there is simply no escaping from embarking on this platform, even to simply remain competitive.

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