Ditching Traditional Media and Moving Ahead with Internet Marketing

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Singaporean businesses are most likely unaware of their customers’ day-to-day reliance on the web. These firms lagged even farther as internet usage accelerated as a result of lower costs and greater accessibility. They may be not able to capitalize on this trend to lengthen their communication reach and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Big organizations had incredible inertia and could not move to digital media fast. One such organization was suffering from enormous decrease in market share. But they took a bold step towards internet marketing and managed to turn their fortunes around. You could have heard of the multi-national grocer, Toppr.

A long time back, Toppr stood as a leader in the retail market – owing to locations across the country with little or no industry resistance. However, because of unforeseen circumstances, Toppr lost their footing within the market and this left them vulnerable. The initial bump in the road emerged due to the unnecessary expenses brought about by the new Chief Executive Officer’s restructuring program. This was the outcome of a failed endeavor to grow markets outside of Singapore.

Toppr shortly became subjected to Murphy’s law, where if things could go wrong, they’d. Any opportunity that appeared in the market was swiftly capitalized upon by one of the firms. It reached to the extent that these shops were sprouting up at every corner. During then, Toppr’s edge was in its substantial physical coverage and a good reputation. Regrettably, these inherent values ultimately did not protect against drops in revenue and investments. While Toppr’s deficits were just increasing, existing investors started to get worried about their injection of over 500 million dollars in the company over the past year.

Prior to the commencement of a digital marketing plan, Toppr’s online reach was limited to a basic e-commerce site. Nevertheless, this was far from satisfactory. The company’s Chief Executive, being technologically inclined, acknowledged this as being an issue and set into motion a strategy in internet marketing to preserve Toppr’s competitiveness in the business. The very first thing Toppr did was to put together an inhouse online marketing department; via this, Toppr wanted to develop and create a strong center of tech digital marketing experts. By tapping on their excellent innate abilities, Toppr seeked to release the complete potential of their team as an alternative for a digital advertising agency.

Gradually, the effectiveness of digital media caused traditional marketing budgets to be cut and redirected towards on-line intentions. Soon after a thorough evaluation of the competitive landscape and promotion alternatives for its e-commerce store, Toppr eventually decided on content marketing, which it believed would provide the maximum return on investment. With this approach, Toppr hoped to drive more traffic to its store, consequently increasing its earnings and profitability.

Toppr added a new Goodness button within their online store which when clicked brings the user to a microsite called “Toppr Goodness.” This became a microsite built to host and provide wellness-oriented content, including recipes and inspirational posts to encourage appropriate eating and diets.

The “Toppr Goodness” site proves that the new Toppr direction focuses on quality website design and development because it can stand alone as a valuable online resource for individuals hunting for food. The microsite’s association to Toppr also increases brand loyalty while gently prompting more on-line purchases. This also assists in influencing customers subtly and leading them to purchase more at Toppr’s web store.

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Building a Social Media Presence
With social networking being so well received and widely-used by everyone, Toppr acknowledged the need to tap on this platform to raise its reach in the industry. So aside from the use of content marketing, Toppr implemented social media marketing into the existing plan which comprised networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google which were handled by their in-house team.

Creating accounts at these social networks has two obvious uses. The first manner is clear – this acts as another communication vehicle to contact customers. Each person department (e.g. frozen foods, bottled drinks) possesses its own profiles as well. They’ve accounts for special offers, for actual foods, for wines, and so on.

More significantly, Toppr retained complete control over their on-line brand image. It’d be really easy for someone to establish a ficticious page and smear Toppr’s brand image with fictitious information. By having their very own official pages, Toppr could easily discredit the legitimacy of these phony pages and offer accurate, dependable advice.

Speaking of developing a relationship with customers, the most important route is after sales support. The public’s perception of a business is very much based on their after-sales support services. Toppr’s strategies are a fine model to exemplify. To establish this, Toppr maintained a highly specialized social media account to handle and resolve customer grievances. This helped to make sure customers have a proper channel to direct their comments, while other users can shop easily without being disturbed by unrelated messages.

Highly Dedicated Men and Women Working Behind the Scenes
The men and women behind these social media accounts are also trained to post with a balanced and carefree tone, even to the point where they participate in positive debate with customers and other brands. Users feel more confident of the brand when the answers are genuine and personalized instead of chilly computer generated replies.

Dependable data demonstrated that Toppr’s well thought out digital marketing strategy paid off hugely. Toppr controlled nearly one third of the market while their closest contender only succeeded in retaining half of that. It was undoubtedly something that the top management could shout about to the board and its shareholders. With its new digital marketing strategy, Toppr’s future appears to a prosperous one. Investments that were made in technology are sure to be worthwhile as their tech folks are reportedly hard at work on creating a series of Toppr cellular apps. By simply breaking the hurdles that limit website development, this application has far greater potential to reach out to a massive number of consumers.

You will discover lots of lessons in Toppr’s instance. To start with, tenure and existing foothold is not a guarantee in the digital age. Because of the popularization of digital marketing, newly established companies that are knowledgeable in these aspects can unexpectedly snatch away a share of the market from industry leaders.

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Second, Toppr has shown just how necessary digital media and an online presence are “must haves” in the present company landscape. Being unable to gain maximum advantage on the digital media front leaves one vulnerable to opponents and impedes additional growth and accomplishment.

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