Increasing Retail Patronage through Digital Marketing

The exponential popularization of the Internet combined with the diverse day-to-day applications have resulted in many sectors being caught off-guard. The majority of businesses in Singapore found themselves being crushed by the pressure to compete with more digitally-savvy upstarts along with the difficulty of adjusting their marketing and advertising plans to an unknown medium.

Change was Difficult for Large Organizations
Big organizations had fantastic inertia and could not move to digital media quickly. One such organization was experiencing huge decrease in market share. It is great to understand though that they considered their online marketing options to prevent having to fold. The business we’re talking about here is household brand name, Sazell. Just before The turn of the century, Sazell’s nationwide reach and small rivalry meant they had a stronghold in the FMCG industry. Subsequently, in a turn of events, Sazell faced unprecedented challenges that threatened its existence in the industry.

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The former Chief Executive Officer, being unable to capture the European and Asian markets effectively, was replaced by the new one. To adapt the new Chief Executive Officer’s vision for the company, overall processes had to be overhauled. The corporate remodeling raked up some huge expenses that compromised Sazell’s cashflow. Naturally, the battle for market share was increasing within the industry. Virtually any little opportunity that emerged in the market was swiftly capitalized upon by one of them. At some point, it was impossible to disregard the presence of a similar store at practically every street. During this time, Sazell’s standing as a household name was one of its strong points. It took a massive hit, as evidenced by a 13% fall in its gains within a short period. As Sazell’s declines were merely growing, financial backers began to regret sinking more than 750 million dollars in the business over past years.

A New Direction for Sazell
Sazell’s new Chief Executive during that time was a proponent of technology and his appointment was part of an internal choice to enhance their on-line presence.The strong levels of competition that Sazell dealt with meant that relying solely on its online shop would simply not do.

They saw the need to start collaborating with a leading marketing agency in Singapore to look after their on-line position as the project expanded and thrived. A careful selection was done from the choices at hand. They settled upon an agency that was confident enough to aid them in initiatives across all digital channels.

Generating Traffic And Obtaining New Business Via Content Marketing
To reinforce their online grocery arm, they need to attract more visitors to their e-commerce stores. For this to be possible, it would have to go past its reliance on tested and proven traditional advertising means. Sazell decided on the most popular and cost effective tools , content marketing.

Sazell used content marketing by establishing a microsite dubbed “Sazell Special Offers” as an expansion of their e store. It focused on encouraging a healthy lifestyle through food along with other wholesome approaches.

The website grew to be an unbiased way to obtain beneficial tips for online shoppers, illustrating a shift in Sazell’s web design attitude. The microsite’s connection to Sazell also drives confidence in the brand while gently prompting more on-line purchases. They’re increasing the likelihood for users to move from this microsite to Sazell’s main website instead of a competing on-line grocery store.

The existence of social media meant that Sazell would have to be there too or possibly get left out. So aside from the use of branded content, Sazell applied social media marketing into the existing plan which included platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google which were handled by their in house team.

Signing up for their own official accounts at these social networks has two profound advantages. First of all, it behaves as an avenue to spread rewarding info for example promotions to the goal consumers. A purpose-built Twitter handle was even created for the individual departments. In addition, unique profiles had been set up for a number of subdivisions including special offers, bottled drinks, wines and so on.

Second, it gives them greater control over their brand and image online. A dissatisfied customer or perhaps a challenger could quite effortlessly harm a company’s social media credibility by creating a phony page. With zero influence or control over these accounts, it would be easy for an outside party to destroy the reputation of the company in question. This is something that an in-house social media department would never let. Now that Sazell is the recognized gateway for all updates, the firm is protected against such unwanted situations.

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Providing Excellent Online Support
Customer care does play probably the most important role in increasing customer faith in the brand. The public’s view of a company is very much based on their customer support services. Sazell’s is a great illustration of what to copy.

In an effort to enhance productivity, Sazell dedicated a Google+ profile specifically to communicate with consumers whereas an additional profile was utilized to disseminate specialized details on deals and specials. Essentially, Sazell customers that need product support are getting an immediate stream of info without having the disturbances of advertising announcements. In a best case scenario, a customer facing trouble will know exactly where and how they are able to reach a source of reliable customer service.

The staff behind the Google+ Sazell Customer Support are additionally told to post with a wholesome and jovial tone, even to the stage where they engage in positive debate with customers and other brands. Users are more likely to have faith in Sazell’s support as they believe there’s another individual behind the account instead of an automated responder.

Sazell is currently reaping the rewards of a very well executed strategy in digital marketing by controlling the biggest section of the grocery market industry. According to various sources, Sazell is in control of almost a third of the marketplace as of last January. This would be almost double the share of the second biggest market corporation that now commands around third. Such results would undoubtedly encourage Sazell to build on its success and further improve its digital marketing plan to capture a bigger portion of the market. With the inclusion of a new iphone application, engagement between firm and customer can be raised even beyond the traditional means such as website design and development.


To Summarize
Sazell can be used as a case study for many companies. It really is no longer a given to rely solely on branding and retail to ensure success. Companies must leverage on digital media to actively connect with customers and ensure their relevance in the digital age. More importantly, each company must stay up to date technologically. Online presence is not any longer optional to guarantee the survival of a business in Singapore. Its degree of importance is demonstrated by the way it can restore failing companies that are on the brink of shutting down.

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