Is Social Media a Passing Fad, or a True Solution in Marketing?

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The rate that the web was embraced by the masses coupled by its impact on their day-to-day lives simply meant that a large number of industries were caught unprepared. An increasing variety of local firms are fighting to outperform their more technologically informed opponents via the unknown internet marketing platform.

Implementations of digital media is typically more difficult for bigger firms that already comfortably engage in conventional procedures. One such organization was struggling with enormous loss of market share. Luckily enough, they daringly turned to digital marketing in an attempt to spare themselves from total failure. The business we’re talking about here is the one and only the famous Trecio.

A few years back, Trecio was standing as a leader in the retail market – thanks to locations nationwide with little or no industry resistance. Afterward, in a turn of events, Trecio encountered unprecedented obstacles that threatened its existence in the marketplace.

With the failure to attain market dominance outside Singapore, Trecio fired the existing CEO and appointed a new one. To accommodate this new boss’s objectives for the business, entire processes had to be overhauled. This makeover was exceptionally expensive, and greatly influenced Trecio’s cash position, putting the business in a precarious place. Furthermore, competition was really stiff in their own business. New players with extensive expertise in online marketing were emerging now and again. It reached to an extent that these stores were popping up at every corner.

Trecio’s leverage during that point comprise physical presence and brand equity. Unfortunately, these inherent values eventually did not protect against drops in revenue and investments. By the 3rd quarter of 2012, Trecio’s profits had dropped by 19% and their high-profile investors publicly admitted that their considerable investment in the grocery store chain was a “huge error” which resulted in them hundreds of millions in a year’s time.

The newly engaged Chief Executive believed firmly in using digital innovation to transform a company; that was the key reason why he was got the job. Despite the fact that Trecio’s e-commerce store during that time was exceptional, the changing times demanded a brand new approach to taking care of this on-line presence.

Beyond a specific point, they determined the only solution was to engage a professional digital marketing agency equipped to tend to all their online requirements. Potential agencies were carefully examined before a selection was made. They selected an online marketing agency that was capable of disseminating the Trecio message through a variety of digital avenues.

In the age of intensifying rivalry and budget cuts, companies were pressured to deliver more with significantly less. To satisfy investor expectations, Trecio decided on something different – content marketing – to capture online store sales quickly.

A Microsite that Provided Users with Invaluable Informationeggs benedict recipe

Within Trecio’s online store, there’s a “Selections” tab that brings visitors to “Trecio Selections”. Food-related information such recipes, articles, motivational stories and well-being trivia were shared freely on this particular site.

With the advent of this microsite, Trecio is efficiently placing it as an informative portal site with no hard sell to see its online store. Needless to say, customers can visit the Trecio online store anytime, as there are numerous URL links to it. The tactful way in which this mini site was crafted and developed smartly associates Trecio with wellness and a healthy way of life, therefore supercharging e-commerce sales with the proper audience. The essence of this strategy leverages on the way consumers behave now: they are impatient and need fast, visible benefits. This strategy gives them convenience, so they are less likely to visit other web stores when Trecio is so readily accessible.

Adopting Social Media
Social media advertising was yet another crucial tactical element throughout the digital marketing campaign that was implemented by Trecio. As a result of the immense size of the company, Trecio did not have to engage an external marketing agency specializing in social media. Their very first step was to create official profiles on the more popular social media avenues such as Twitter and Instagram.

Being in total control of their social media reports enables Trecio to provide timely news of its latest offerings. In this manner, customers always get the latest advice on the exciting in store promotions.

Second, it allows them more control over their brand and image online. A dissatisfied shopper or perhaps a rival could rather easily damage a firm’s social media credibility by signing up for a fraudulent profile. With zero power over what’s being circulated by these third parties, one can expect some extremely detrimental effects. This is something that an inhouse social media agency would never allow. Trecio will never need to deal with this difficulty as all official brand information is only going to come through online channels they control.

Initiating Great Support via the website
Customer care is the anchor of developing prolonged connections with customers. The community’s all round opinion can very well be greatly swayed through the competence of their customer service team. In this aspect, it can be said that Trecio has set a really high standard.

As an example, Trecio created numerous accounts, each designed to do a distinct task. This empowered unhappy customers to communicate directly with their feedback without affecting the promotional messages from Trecio to other customers.

Unique training is offered towards the Trecio Customer Care department over the most tactful methods to connect to customers. A jovial and down to earth method is encouraged while being helpful and solving matters promptly. Customers feel more reassured that they are being given quality service when the answers are true and personalized instead of cold computer created replies.

To put it simply, the evidence is in the pudding. Trecio’s digital marketing strategy led to them clenching almost one third of the share of the market. This, as compared to their closest challenger that held on to only half of that. The encouraging shift in market share was really something to boast about to shareholders.

Their firm standing in the market is certainly ready to grow as they carry on building their plans for digital marketing. With the development of more on-line content and even cellular apps, Trecio’s dedication to technology is their secret formula for success. This is more than what conventional website design and development can look to achieve.

Key Takeaways
Many firms can learn from Trecio. It’s no longer a given to rely purely on branding and physical shop coverage to ensure success. Businesses must leverage on digital marketing and social media marketing to proactively connect with customers and ensure their relevance in the digital age. If the deficiency of an internet presence can do such damage to a large, well-known firm like Trecio, envision the repercussions it would have on companies of a smaller size. Digital media is no longer a crutch as it may have been in yesteryears – it’s a fundamental approach towards company growth and success.

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