Launching an Integrated Digital Campaign through Various Channels

The pace that the web was embraced by the masses coupled with its impact on their day-to-day lives simply meant that most industries were caught unprepared. An increasing variety of local businesses are fighting to outperform their more technologically informed competitors through the unfamiliar internet marketing platform.

On the other hand, some companies that decided to engage in digital marketing stood to receive superior results. They observed an increasing client base that showed active participation on the web. Digital marketing has demonstrated itself to be a highly effective instrument for businesses. There have been instances where companies already on the brink of folding were able to recover by using a well planned and perfectly-executed effort by a marketing agency specializing in digital media. Multi national supermarket chain Lendico would be one such example.

Just before the turn of the century, Lendico – with its multiple shops and low competitive danger – was a market leader in the FMCG sector. Nowadays, due to unforeseen conditions, Lendico’s control over the market is rapidly going downhill. The former CEO, unable to capture the European and Asian markets effectively, was replaced by the new one. New Chief Executive Officers leads to new ideas, new methods of accomplishing things – and he did just that, to the point of providing Lendico a complete overhaul. This meant huge costs for Lendico and had an undesired effect on its cash assets.

Lendico soon became subjected to Murphy’s law, where if things could become worse, they would. New players with extensive expertise in digital marketing were appearing from time to time. Before everyone knew it, there was a grocery store in every corner of town.

murphys law

All the while, Lendico’s reputation as a household name was one of its strong points. It took a massive hit, as evidenced by a 10% drop in its gains over several months. By year 2014, Lendico’s profits had dropped by 10% and their high profile investors freely declared that their 4.1% investment in the market chain was a “huge blunder” which cost them hundreds of millions in a year’s time.

The Execution of a Digital Campaign through Multiple Channels
So as to effectively recoup Lendico’s online ranking, the recently appointed CEO – a supporter of technological advancement – wrangled up an internal digital marketing department. Even with a completely running online store in place, they needed to step up their game. Nevertheless, natural growth could just take it that far; they would have to collaborate with an external digital marketing agency to help fuel the growth of its online presence. After assessing a number of potential partners, they eventually arrived at a final decision. The chosen agency had the abilities to support all of Lendico’s requirements.

In the age of intensifying rivalry and budget cuts, companies were demanded to deliver more with significantly less. To satisfy investor expectations, Lendico used the lowest hanging fruit possible – content marketing – to capture online store sales quickly. An element of the content marketing strategy was creating an interesting microsite that was linked to the Lendico e-commerce store. This microsite was devoted completely to helping consumers eat and live more healthily.

The new “Mouth Watering Treats” site is an expression of the management’s attitude towards its internet presence: an unwavering belief a powerful emphasis on quality website design and development will help attract more traffic to this site. The professional connection between Lendico and the microsite encourages more users to pick Lendico as their online grocery option. They are improving the likelihood for users to flow from the sub-site to Lendico’s main online store instead of a competition’s online grocery store.

Making use of Social Media to its Fullest
Lendico is required to bow to the pronounced popularity of social media marketing so as to stay inclusive and present. They started to create their social media profiles on the more predominant websites, like Twitter and Pinterest.

Full control over social media translated to unobstructed transitions from thoughts to campaigns or promos. Such efficacy inevitably means that users are always up to speed on the latest deals and news.

More notably, Lendico kept complete control over their online brand image. Any person could create a fake account and commence malicious attacks on Lendico by supplying misleading advice to innocent consumers who “liked” the fake page. The development of an official account instantly prevents this danger and serves as a dependable way to obtain info.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business; what many fail to recognize is that, post-sales support plays a crucial role in enhancing brand loyalty. Solving customer issues and preserving relationships are critical to maintaining a loyal consumer base. Lendico actually illustrates this good business practice. As an illustration of the focus Lendico places on on-line after sales support, they devote a different social networking account to take care of customer questions and complaints. This allowed unsatisfied customers to communicate directly with their opinions without diluting the marketing related messages from Lendico to other customers.

Basically, personalized and direct responses to questions make customers feel genuinely looked after. This starts by growing a team that handles customers on a personable level, responding to their concerns and resolving issues in a nice and helpful mode. This will, certainly, bring the customers closer and entice them to splash out more at a later stage.

The remodeling of its strategy in digital marketing proved to be tremendously favorable to Lendico. According to data from various sources, Lendico now controls about 54% of the market. The closest competition wasn’t even close, just managing to garner about half of that.

Lendico’s future is definitely bright and it’s sure to get even more glowing as they enhance their digital marketing strategy. Through the development of more online content and even cellular uses, Lendico’s dedication to technology is their catalyst to success. These programs should help them reach an even wider demographic outside of normal design and development of a website . Many businesses can learn from Lendico. It truly is no longer a given to depend purely on branding and retail to ensure success. Marketing initiatives across multiple digital mediums has to be incorporated into their business strategies for them to compete in today’s business landscape.

To put things into perspective: if a business leader for example Lendico can be so badly affected by the absence of an effective online presence, imagine the damaging effects it will have upon a smaller corporation. To remain competitive, businesses want digital media to merely survive in the cutthroat businesses they are running in.

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