The Power of Implementing a Quality Content Strategy

Lots of unsuspecting businesses have been confronted by the problem of the net’s impact upon the masses. An increasing variety of local businesses are fighting to outshine their far more digitally inclined competitors via the unknown internet marketing platform.

There are numerous cases where big firms deployed online marketing and became successful because of this. Choosing Revaco for instance, we see how a great old fashioned grocery store chain reshaped its whole future through digital marketing. By leveraging on a digital media platform, they are able to provide around the clock services and grow beyond their actual store locations. Before The turn of the century, Revaco’s national reach and limited competition meant they had a stronghold in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business. Afterward, in a turn of events, Revaco encountered unexpected obstacles that threw it off balance in the marketplace.

Inability to Expand Internationally
The previous Chief Executive Officer, unable to capture international markets effectively, was told to leave and a new one was hired. With the hiring of any top executive, quite a few practices and processes needed revision. This transformation was exceptionally costly, and heavily influenced Revaco’s financial position, placing the firm in a risky position.

risky position

To make matters worse, 2 challengers Votezy and Turavo entered the scene. These new companies focused on serving the lower and higher ends of the market respectively, were established to cash in on the segments which Revaco wasn’t serving. Even though they understood that they could never compete based on physical scale, they managed to gain an unexpected edge by using marketing through digital media against the established businesses. There was also a notable shift in the behaviours of consumers, where cost preceded brand loyalty. Such a development brought on tension amongst Revaco’s investors when their financial stronghold started failing. Certainly, the considerable drop in profits caused shareholders to realize the problem.

The new CEO believed steadfastly in utilizing digital innovation to remodel a business; that was the key reason why he was hired.The strong competition that Revaco dealt with meant that depending solely on its online shop would simply not be enough. The brand revamp process commenced with the development of a central digital marketing team within Revaco. The main aim of Revaco’s CEO was to deliver a digital marketing message that was strong and consistent. Having said that, it was incredibly difficult to maintain the plan just by growing the internal team organically. More could very well be accomplished by collaborating with and tapping on the experience of an external digital marketing agency.

The Content Marketing Strategy that Changed Everything
Rewards to the on-line grocery store meant the need to increase their online traffic. Although traditional marketing options continue to be actively employed, its practicality is regularly challenged by lower cost choices that leverage on digital media. Relying on a surefire instrument, Revaco’s digital marketers opted to make use of the highly lucrative approach known as branded content marketing.

Revaco added a new Signatures tab within their main website which when clicked on sends the user to a microsite called “Revaco Signatures”. The website contains food-related content such as common recipes, motivational articles, and health-related posts that are related to food.

The site evolved into an unbiased way to obtain valuable information for online shoppers, illustrating a shift in Revaco’s web design and development focus. The professional connection between Revaco and the microsite encourages more users to choose Revaco as their online grocery store alternative. People are more likely to visit the joined website as opposed to heading to another on-line grocer during their time on the informative microsite.

The snowball effect of social media marketing in business meant that Revaco needed to play an active function or risk being irrelevant. So in addition to the use of content marketing, Revaco employed social media marketing into the existing plan which comprised platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which were managed by their in house team. Direct direction of these social accounts brought Revaco the capability to broadcast their marketing campaigns and promotions as and when they were finalized. Such impressive speed to market meant that shoppers were constantly exposed to the latest products from Revaco.

Second, it gives them more control over their brand and reputation online. A dissatisfied shopper or even a competitor could quite effortlessly harm a firm’s social media trustworthiness by creating a fake page. Since they had no influence over these third-party accounts, it was simple for their standing to get tarnished in any event the owner posted pictures that would be damaging to the business. An in-house social media team would not allow such activities to happen if they were in charge. Given that Revaco is the official channel for all updates, the business is secured from such undesirable situations.

Customers and sales are undoubtedly the spine of any business. The significance of after-sales support is often disregarded in its ability to strengthening brand loyalty. Resolving customer problems is critical in ensuring future sales, as extensive research has established. This is where Revaco actually shines. As an indication of the focus Revaco places on online after sales support, they devote a separate social networking account to manage shopper queries and charges. The easy access to Revaco allows customers to voice any queries in one location so as not to water down the aims of messages in other channels.

At the end of the day, customers of any business want to feel valued; the first step to achieving this is to have a “live” man talking to them and addressing their issues, rather than pre-written answers which farther space the business and its customers. A company that is perceived as being customer-oriented and proactive in resolving issues would encourage existing and new customers to shell out more with it than at the competition.

To put it simply, the proof is in the pudding. Revaco’s strategy in digital marketing led to them gaining control of around one third of the share of the market. This is in contrast to their closest opponent that hung on to merely half of that. The unprecedented shift in market control was certainly something to brag about to investors. Their firm standing in the market is certainly primed to grow as they carry on developing their strategy in digital marketing. The internal development team are actively pushing out mobile programs which will extend Revaco’s reach to more people. By removing the obstacles that restrict website design and development, this application has far greater potential to get through to an extensive number of potential customers.

An example would be Revaco. To begin with, firms cannot adopt a “business-as-usual” prognosis and expect that past successes would continue to find them through. Constant initiatives across multiple digital channels are necessary to dynamically engage consumers and preserve a business’s competitiveness in the digital era.

If the lack of an internet presence can do such damage to a big, established firm like Revaco, imagine the consequences it would have on companies of a smaller size. Digital media is no longer a good-to-have; if you need to remain relevant in this time, there’s no escaping from embarking on this medium, even to simply remain competitive.

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